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Default Re: Tour de France

armstrong.. what the fuck ? nobody will make me think that he never touched drugs in his life... just like hincapie. man, both those guys were shitty bikers before, and now they aren't even tired after 3 weeks spent on a bike.
even when armstrong won the World Championship, that means nothing... it's a one-day race, almost all the professional bikers are able to win it.

look at landis, the guy was impressive when he was still a part of US Postal. look at him now : he can't even be a decent leader for Phonak !!! don't make me laugh, US Postal, and now Discovery Channel, must have the most efficient drug dealer of the circuit... just take a look at Hamilton...

man, that shit is too funny to be true.

i love that race. but drugs corrupted everything. T-Mobile should be on top without all that shit...
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