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Default Re: Eat Beats

Burn: dope loop with those deep piano keys and guitar sounds. Those strings are real dope too, adding drama to the melody. I don't know if it's intentional but i love that lo-fi sound . The switch is a good thing, even though i was not tired yet of the first section. Short and efficient. Dope dope beat.

Dank: I just love that old school clavecin/synth loop!!!! It's real jazzy, kinda like a laidback Mf Doom beat. I think i love that one more than the first. The second part where everything is chopped and rearranged is nice also. Then the horns... and another part. The arrangements are really nice. once again it's real short (which is not a bad thing).

I know you wanted honest feedback but i don't really have nothing bad to say about those beats. Just want to hear more of them.

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