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^^ co-sign

to add,
+Sample Clearance
+ Biting Samples
+ Re-using Samples
+ Big Record Labels Censorting Artists
+ Backpackers(how can you honestly only like ONE style of hiphop....)
+Duets With Wack R&B cats/bitches
+Coroporate America's huge involvment in the rap game
+ The Music Videos of today
+The Mainstream appeal, i can't stand seeing these fakeclowns who front like they know/love rap just cause theyre trying to be a thug. you know, the corny white burban kids people alwyas post up in their rooms flexing a pink wifebeater saggin bants doorags with tupac and 50cent posters all over the place throwing up a gang sign(most of the time incorrectly) and most likely theyre not even a part of that gang.
+The persicution rappers face today for being creative
+That every underground head constantly has to compare artists
+Peoples collections of hiphop are on their computers today
+Nobody comes out to show love at shows, its a lot harder today to get people out supporting hiphop
+Everyone runs their hood and is some hard billybadass, That image has become the standard and it's ridiculious for a lot of these rap dudes to front like that
+People don't dig anymore

i could go on and on and on, shits fucked up in the game.

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