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Default Re: Who's up for a challenge? 50 line battle, 1 verse

Ma poison pens spreadin black slander,
leave ya in need of a fuckin first aider,
ya fuckin rhyme lika a puny 1st grader
ive seen crap lines a 100x wilder
this be ma 5th black rap line
already cuttin ya off rite at ya neckline
got onli 43 more verse lines to go
Be usin ya blood to be paintin Wu logo
wouldve been finished with this crap ages ago
ur rhyme meanings are lost,they in Congo
Rip all ya fuckin threads off Wu
make ya send threats thru
ma style makes ya lines go kaboom
ma lines invincible like Dr.Von Doom
ma lines untouchable,word life!
ya lines an endangered species of wildlife
cause u cant survive nigga nightlife
get slit in the throat with a sharp jackknife
ur rhyme brain dead, victim of stroke
ya pathetic crap reads like a white joke
one look at urs i noe u on cheap coke
arcane syllable rhyming i quickly invoke
ya beg for mercy,ill fuckin hell revoke
cuttin ya live short,like ya fuckin chain-smoke
im half way to fuckin flawless victory
already ya feelin my rap misery
settin urs for lameness down in history
cuz urs as cold as frozen white poultry
real dead like an unwary shit sentry
like a corpse,ur lines're barely paltry
example of weak friggin rap crap
weak and c-thru like white clingwrap
ull be needin a doctor,u victim of rape
cuz i did it,makin bystanders gape
ya cant fuckin believe it urself
get on ur knees,and cross thyself
ma style is vile, power to desecrate
be bombin ya ass like ya fuckin Kuwait
The UN unable ta save ya ass from total destruction
wont save it from slavery,even if its on Ebay auction
cut ya lines off to the brink of annihalation
ya from earth,im a fuckin black martian
watch war of the worlds dick,get a notion
be clear on ma theory of alien motion
so complicated,ya understand onli a fraction
confuses ya brain,delays signal for dick erection
feedin ya crap with black shit confection
that leave ya with hairy vaginal infection
makin ya lose the Gay-queen election
Endin ya life, like Wu-lethal injection
Divine intervention aint a protection against Ninjutsu poison pen infection
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