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Originally Posted by Charging Soldier
Andre fucked up when he did the grammy's in the neon green native stereo type perfomance. He better prey the WAR CHIEF doesn't get on becuae i'll stomp his ass out, and if the rest of the Dungeon Family wants to get it, they can get it too

Hey YA Bitches
Eccentric or Gimmick? Even an eccentric would reconize ignorance, stereotypes toward other cultures, and other things that are generally bad for your health. Pissing off the WAR CHIEF is bad for your health!

Fucking pink gun packing mother fucker. I'd like to see some one pull a pink gun out on me.........................really. Pull that pink gun out of your purse Andre-a!
Andres faggy style is irrealivent, he dressed like that when he was spitting some ill shit to. You know he didn't mean nothing against indians with that shit and you know he's not gay despite his often fruity outfits, so whats your problem really?

On the real, you look stupid talkin trash about one of the best emcees from the ATL who could freeze his own shit then sell it for more money then you gonna make your whole fucking life.
Boston - NYC

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