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1) Rappers talking about their political views (Eminem, Kayne, etc...). Theres a reason why your a rapper and not a politican, no one wants to hear your dumbass views.
2) People featuring biggie and tupac in their songs (Ghostface, biggie duets, Resurrection) still. Maybe this was a good idea a few years ago, but can't they just r.i.p?
3) Rappers acting (DMX, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Eminem). I like DMX because he is a good rapper, not because he makes some crappy movie with steven segal.
4) "Hip-Hop" stations on the radio... All the "Hip-hop" stations I get play pop, all i hear is mariah carey, chris brown, or reggareton every second.
5) LL Cool J taking his shirt off, we get it your a lot more ripped than us...
6) No name rappers from the south... they all come in the game with the exact same persona claiming their a pimp, or ride on 24's, or 'crunk'...
7) If i have to listen to that "laffy taffy" song one more time i am going to kill myself...
8) Unlikily concert combinations... Wu Tang is coming to the Univesity of Hartford this weekend with none other than the Ying Yang Twins...
9) Bad lyricists, I wouldnt be surprised if I could beat half the rappers out there now in a battle.
10) People getting their perception of rap from MTV and BET, they create the sterotypes that exist in hip hop and are the reason why rap is looked at as a joke to the common public.

- On another note, dont hate on rappers for "selling out" and going for more money, you would do it too if there was millions of dollars up for grabs.
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