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Default Re: Who's up for a challenge? 50 line battle, 1 verse

These two verses was like quick stabs to the ribs

"Livin' Blade be a lil' strange, whack as he is lame
And gets slaid by the same blade portrayed in his name

They call me the 'king of punches', like I'm 'Oscar De La Hoya'
I keyed 50 lines for fun, with 1 bar I could destroy-ya"

This lines was the fatal stab to the jugular. Killed blade wit this one.

This dude told the doctor he was 'sick', the door was where he was directed
'Cause on a hip-hop level, you 'ain't ill', nah you 'barely infected'

I was feelin blades verse on some parts. He was sneakin lil lines in here and there like

The UN unable ta save ya ass from total destruction
wont save it from slavery,even if its on Ebay auction

but overall G's was better.

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