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Originally Posted by Charging Soldier
Yeah ok, i'm stupid huh?

What race are you buddy, I am gonna assume your white, because you be jacking other peoples cultures and don't even realize when shit's being tampered with because you don't have nothing to claim for yourself.
Im black

Andre is an ignorant mother fucker, and shines in this perfomance.
Just the fact that you called Andre ignorant is IGNORANT. Andre is not ignorant, however what he did was ignorant, which every fucking human on the planet does once in awhile. BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES, STOP CRYING ABOUT ANDRES INDIAN OUTFIT, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS EMCEE SKILLS. What makes the point you're trying to make even more irrealivent is the fact that Andre doesn't even have anything against native americans.

Your an ignorant mother fucker and it shines in this thread.
How so? I'm not ignorant, I just don't give a fuck if Andre dressed like an indian for about 10mins 3 years ago.

But if you aren't white, and say your chinese or black- how would you feel if I dressed up like Zulu Warrior, samurai, or egyptian in hot pants or somthing and started jumping around like i'm hot on national TV?
If I had respect for you like I have for Andre and I knew you didn't mean any offense then I really wouldn't give a fuck.

I'd think if Andre really came up from any struggle he would appreciate other peoples structure.
I'd think if you came up from any struggle then you wouldn't be whining about ONE FUCKING OUTFIT that offended you. I'd think if you came up from any struggle you would know what real issues are and you'd know what REAL discrimination is like. Your whining about andre's clothing completely irrealivent to this thread.

Or what if I dressed up like a china man and walked around saying ching chang ching chang chong-Television has been desicrating cultures for so long you don't even see what's wrong with that picture.When I get on i'm gonna dress up like a pilgrim and do a show where I chop natives up, then people will see.
I agree with some of that shit, but its irrealivent considering andre's intentions were to not bad and its especailly irrealivent to this thread considering that it has nothing to do with his music.
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