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Originally Posted by Charging Soldier
Yeah ok, i'm stupid huh?

What race are you buddy, I am gonna assume your white, because you be jacking other peoples cultures and don't even realize when shit's being tampered with because you don't have nothing to claim for yourself. Andre is an ignorant mother fucker, and shines in this perfomance. Your an ignorant mother fucker and it shines in this thread. I'd think if Andre really came up from any struggle he would appreciate other peoples structure.

But if you aren't white, and say your chinese or black- how would you feel if I dressed up like Zulu Warrior, samurai, or egyptian in hot pants or somthing and started jumping around like i'm hot on national TV? Or what if I dressed up like a china man and walked around saying ching chang ching chang chong-Television has been desicrating cultures for so long you don't even see what's wrong with that picture.When I get on i'm gonna dress up like a pilgrim and do a show where I chop natives up, then people will see.
yo youre one angry and sensative motherfucker, god the melting pot of america, especially here in new york, fashion is adopted. i'm sure if i went through your clothes i could critizie you with the same thing youre accusing andre of. nobody wants to hear you preach aboutsome bullshit and ruin the thread take it to KTL and make a thread complaing about race/relegion thats where its at.

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