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tha god concept
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tha god concept crouching tiger
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shoot ya eye out like bushwick
take a right threw the woods quik
and book it back to the lab so i can cook shit
im the L.A.P.D
them the gangstas wit badges that clapped B . I . G

yall cannot see me..... when im cloaked purple phantom
soaked in shortys blood when the withdrawls gimme epilectic tantroms
a handsome randsom for ya kidnapped grandson
the old man cries due to my deadly background anthem

thoughts of god most degenerits cannot fathom
ya gamblin......with more than ya life
imma change my name to the sound the blade makes cuttin threw ya wife
no justice JUST ICE hiphop poltergyst
stompin threw the solar system aged wisley like christ

likely i might.......contradict the dictionary
and more than likely ya name will be front page of the obituarys
a script so scarey and rarely herd
my bitch is wrapped around my finger her life is barely hers

if lifes so ILL i guess im the doctor
go a head and jump off my dick i aint gonna stop ya
im HIGH from these BLADES like a HELLICOPTER
spittin out lava.....ur juss a larva
jive turkey talkin mess till cook ya then carve ya

my thoughts are carnel......midevil attidue
take bitches when i want so they can spawn my brood
all up the womb buggin like i was in a cacoon
these micro dots got me livin in an abstract cartoon
"When I die bury me with the LO on...
Official to the death for all eternity and so on"
Lo Down & Dirty
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