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Originally Posted by Charging Soldier
"To speak the truth, it takes bravery" -RZA

What's my problem? I bought that Album, I am an outkast fan, I even got some of their clothes, but they fucked up the game when they fucked with my culture with their stereo types- So Fuck Andrea 3000, and fuck anyone that thinks what he did was ok.

Andre thinks he can do whatever he wants and be considered an eccentric, but when he crossed that line he became a Gimmick. He sold out to white america- that's my point.

For any euro-cats I aplologize, I know europeans have culture too. So in that respect my wording came of as ignorant- I realized that after I posted it. I was just trying to say- If you don't see how this kind of stereo typing effects other people then you probably don't have any culture of your own.

Its really no big fucking deal, stop crying and get over it. Read my post again.
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