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yo thnks holmes, i can see that your gettin sick with the rhyme schemes shit all of ya'll

Yo, its called fuckin' nasty shit/ grimy like cavemen armpits/ Foul smellin' enough to fuckin' alarm brits/ While these corporate backpackers are ridin' the same dick/ get off the 50 tip, fuck that, get offa 50's clique/ They aint sayin' shit if you break down real rappin' next to it/ Wha happened to the good days/ When you could think smart,not listen to replays/ fuck what G unit say/ a time When spittin' nouns was accepted, not rejected for street cred/ Break em down it turns repetetive, like gangstas who bit led/ Fuck this shit, vernakulars attackin' these adversaries/ Mercernarie, clappin these 'yellow bellied' canaries/

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