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Originally Posted by 4-Bar Killer
but you really dont mean that about 50 do you? It's so obvious that dre and em signed because of the $.. 50 aint got nothing lyrical, GZA explains this the best way in the wu-manual.. you got that one?

I can't remember it all, but he uses Ins Triumph line:

"queen B's ease the guns in"

but the "normal" rapper (as 50) would say:

"I got to the club, passed the gun to my shorty." or something.

that pretty much shows the whole point..
lmao 50 has nothing lyrical? looks like ur the one thats been listening to the radio too much.

and just because someone talks about money and clubbing doesnt mean they cant do it in a lyrical way. damn some of u are picky yall must be dull as hell and not go to parties.

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