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Originally Posted by Bone Collecta
lmao 50 has nothing lyrical? looks like ur the one thats been listening to the radio too much.

and just because someone talks about money and clubbing doesnt mean they cant do it in a lyrical way. damn some of u are picky yall must be dull as hell and not go to parties.
fuck you talking bout. There is no thing as radio hip-hop over here, freak. You don't know shit about it. You reads one of my posts and freaks out. I also mentioned that his verse in fx React with Onyx is fucking ill, I haven't denied that 50 got skills. what I meant was 50 got nothing lyrical compared to fx gza. The C.R.E.A.M. freestyle he made was ill too, and The Good Die Young, but I haven't heard a lyrical masterpiece from 50 yet, like on same level as RZA's Impossible verse. But of course 50 can be lyrical.. But there aint no money in rapping wisdom, so of course he wont do it, but he probably can.
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