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Alright, most the posts I've had the displeasure of reading so far have either been so, so bias towards the Wu-Tang that it's untrue, or so bias towards 50 that it's untrue, neither the Wu or G-Unit are gods, they have all made wack songs at some point or another, and all have had career highlights which some of us can only dream of, so get off all of their dicks. You can't pick out Candy Shop or In Da Club and automatically say 50 sucks, because it doesn't work like that. Pick out What's Your Phone number, so Pac sucks? Pick out You Owe Me, so Nas sucks? Pick out Sunshine, so now Jay-Z sucks? And so on.

First of all, I don't like 50 Cent, I've never been particularly impressed by his attitude, he's extremely arrogant about his riches every time I either see a new video, or see him in an interview. The way he treats other rappers out of New York too, he loses a lot of my respect for that. He also catches a lot of hate because of how he built his career and found fame, see How To Rob or his endless disses to Ja Rule, careers built on beef are not very cool in my opinion. While I, like most of you it seems, love music with a message, not all music needs to be thought provoking or with an aim of changing the world. We need an artist who can make us dance, or sing along to their stuff equally as much as we need a GZA. 50 generally makes us dance. GZA usually makes us think. That balance is good for hip hop, and music in general.

But on the other side of things, it's unfair to say 50 is a an idiot and isn't a good lyricist, he's not considered by me or anyone else I doubt a fantastic lyricist, but he is a good lyricist, just not in the way a Wu-Tang fan, or a fan of underground music would think. 50 has written some good songs. They are few and far between, but just because he doesn't write "good" songs doesn't mean he can't. He sprinkles his music, here and there with some good shit. For example, on "Many Men", when he says "Sunny days wouldn't be special if it wasn't for rain/Joy wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't for pain/Death gotta be easy cause life is hard/It'll leave you physically, mentally and emotionally scarred". That's good lyricism.

I've went on for longer than I had planned here, but you get the point.
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