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Default Re: Yo, This has to be the suckiest year of hiphop.

Originally Posted by bringoutthegimp
this fucker needs to look past the top 40, this has been the dopest year of hip hop in a while, fuckin idiot, i can name about 20 dope albums, in fact, i'll name some now so the gay ass who started this tread can stop moaning:
(no order)

9th wonder and buckshot - chemistry
sean price - monkey marz
murs and slug - felt 2
black market militia - lp
mf grimm - scars & memories
common - be
cormega - the testament
count bass d - begborrowsteel
gorillaz - demon days
grayskul - deadlivers
mathematics - the problem
one be lo - sonogram
purple city - road to the riches
quasimoto - further adventures
memphis bleek - 534
game - documentary
c-rayz walz - year of the beast
blueprint - 1988
those albums are average at best....................75% of them are borring as hell.........its not like any of these albums are splitting the atom.....Furthermore, most of these artists have put out albums that were twice as good ten years ago.........I find the UNDERGROUND scene has really dreid up to, I used to love underground, but many of the releases do not really excite me anymore, they are borring.

Like none of these albums are just theat memorable.......I doubt 2 years from now people will be talking about fuckin MEMPHiS BLEEKS 534, PURPLE CITY ROAD TO RICHES, GRAYSKULL DEADLIVERS, etc etc...............I also think that 9th WONDER/BUCKSHOT aint nothin special......its pretty borring.......I think people are just so desperate to get excited over anything that resembles real hip hop, they call it great when it is average.
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