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Default Re: Yo, This has to be the suckiest year of hiphop.

Originally Posted by kingidivine
Master P did contribute, but don't give him that much credit. He did pave the way for artists with less talent(such as himself) to thrive. He was the archetype for the dumb southern rapper. But when Puffy started dancing and sticking his watch in the camera, Master P was still hardcore. Pac did some mainstream shit for the ladies, but nothing could compare to what Puff made Biggie do(i.e. Biggie Biggie Biggie). Jay-Z was always a follower. He's always spotted the trends and gone with what's "hot". Nas has slipped into bullshit from time to time, but has remained the most consistent by far. By the way. People can't mention Cormega's album as 2005 hip-hop. That ish is from '97, when an album like that was expected.
PUFF DADDY made is acceptable to sell out....he made it cool to sell out....

.....PUFF was one of the first dudes to make POP-RAP with his shameless remakes of past hits, he was the first dudes to make million dollar videos with the dancing girls(which lead to the video, being more important than the actual music being played), he popularised the RnB/Rap joints, Puff made rap more about the hooks of a song and not the lyrics, prior to PUFF rap videos showed the Ghetto, after PUFF everyone was driving Bentleys in the videos...........PUFF basically sugarcoated rap into something that could be digested by everyone in society.........lil girls, parents, etc...........not just the hip hop fan.

Look at all the videos in 2005......the dancing girls, the accessable hooks, the RnB pop rap joints, the is all a product of PUFF DADDY

Hip Hop has basically been going down since around 1998, and nose dived around 2000 and his been CORPORATE ever since.........everybody today on TV still followes the formula that PUFF created in the 1990's, RnB joints that appeal tio the ladies and clubs, big budget Videos with Bentley's etc........thanks PUFF DADDY!
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