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OK, I'm really obsessed with anything Lupe right now. I loved all of the mixtapes, the Gorillaz stuff, all the Fahrenheit stuff, and then when Food & Liquor leaked, that was it for me, I was convinced. This kid is the #1 young rapper in the game right now, excluding nobody. His mixtape catalogue can in my opinion now match up to some rapper's RETAIL STUFF, that's how much work he is putting in.

Besides the Spaze Out(Rock type song gone horribly wrong) virtually every song on Food & Liquor is top notch, but my favourite tracks are You My, Never Lies, Just Might Be Okay, Hustler's Song & Kick Push. I cannot wait for the guest spot tracks to leak, the Jill Scott one especially, I'm not excited about a Three Six Mafia collaboration, no offence.

/exits thread kicking and pushing.
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