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Thanks Ghostlaced, I hadn't heard this in a while, to be honest I'd forget all about this issue.

You'll see in my MC's list thread that I rate Nas as the greatest MC of all time, more for his catalogue of work than of him as a person. Because as a person, he's a known hypocrite. He flip flops with his opinions so much that it gets to the point where I just laugh. It was right in the centre of the Jay-Z beef, so he was obviously looking for any reason to go at anyone who was 'Behind Enemy Lines' you know? But for him to call out The Roots for being hypocritical, I mean come on Nas, you are as hypocriticial as they come!

Sorry to quote Jay-Z but;

"Is it Oochie Wally Wally or is it One Mic?
Is it Black Girl Lost or shorty owe you for ice?"

Who SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY would turn down a live performance with Jay-Z? One of the biggest rappers EVER? The Roots hardly got in the Big Pimpin video and started acting like fools and being something they were not, they were just backing up Jay-Z, that was it. I think it's good that artists mix genres of hip hop together, not have a huge segregation between conscious and gangsta, or mainstream and underground.

I could go on all day about this subject, but anyway. I'll see what other people think, let's not turn it into a three or four page argument though, like the Andre hate topic, the 50 hate topic or the Eminem hate topic people, take note!

Here's a couple of links people may like to check out;

The Roots - What They Do(Music Video)

Jay-Z & The Roots - Heart Of The City(Live Video)
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