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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

infect 5 elements, energy sappin weak captins of penman-ships,
squeeze pens like giant squids defeatin kenny g type anglo saxons,
battle axes smash skulls to fragments, forget bouncin back like ghetto matresses,
rusty bars get sent to alcatraz, ive mastered annexin weak savages like a facist,
my tombs collapsin cuz achiologests started artifact tamperin,
heiroglyphics warned of my facets, free post and i start forehead stampin,
taxes forced on the people, the feeble are left faithless like lightning hittin a cathedral,
read O3EY's prequel followed by Ben's sequel, left acid in the thread without a needle,
i see you...first of all respect across the ball to bigben an obey... peace and 1
"ya'll niggas can't be serious, i was nice before ice, before christ, before the the words let there be light, and the light took over the night, i was born wit the mic, lord of the mic before all plant and animal life, took this rap shit to new heights before the wright brothers took flight, before dogfightin' and aerial strikes, before mc's picked up pens and started to write" - Canibus
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