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Jesus Christ grasshopper

Fuck all these wack emcees Slippy Pimp is in the cipher/ barley hops, cocaine, jolt, and mini thins got me hyper/ liger napoleon raps you cats been chatting with fine babes all day?/ just b-cuz you some no pussy getting motherfuckers doesn't mean your gay/ lay bars like a gold mine, wipe my ass with your scripture, here you can fold mine/ i'll leave ink stains on your ass poppin cherrys like I sold wine/ bold or fine, caligraphy written only halve bitten or previosley been chewed/ I'm wondering how many of you kids deviousley get screwed/booed out, stomped or smothered in hot sauce/ I sent one of my bitches to suck your dick and all she got was cock floss/ now tell me who claims be the hardest rapper of this wu-tang corp?/ i'm hungry like a fat kid-Got Pork?/i'm only nine years old but ten times your senior/ i'm calling out all blacks, white, chinese and the beeners/ fienders for what I got like you smelt crack in the air/ scent gave you diarreha? I got scriptures to spare/ step up in the dragons lair I puff more but don't inhale/ blew my verse in your ear and just made another crack sale/ flack jackets strapped up I keep the pootie green wrapped up, like bitches licked and slapped up/ clapped up/ you pussys can keep your flaps up/ cuz slippy's bitches is coming in and taking names, shitting on you with my heavy game/ push a chrysler cuz chevy's lame/ call me christ sir cuz this GOD's insane/ I'll chain any of you homo's to the back of my truck/ try and test the pimp boy don't press your luck/ i'll try to put this as blunt as possible/ you cats are coming on faker then disney channels kim implausible/ light weight and tossable/ smoked up like my rasta hoe- hold up I almost lost my flow/ Slippy Pimp has just entered your domain/ i'm serve you mother fuckers like my momma serves lo mein/ Chow-pow/Kung-pie chicken/ribbed spermcidal latex for the kitten/ I keep rippin rubbers-deep dicken on all my oppenents/ when my foam hits your forehead/ it feels like i'm on the chicago typewriter- I pour lead- Crayola Rapist Red/ or aqua marine/ slippy rocks nothing but green and cream corn/ hired the incredible hulk to film some mean porn, hand the bible i'm sworn in/ now bring on the first bitch that's ready for the whoring...
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