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Originally Posted by snapple
people glorify tony mantanas hunger and grind, not necessarily that he was a drug dealer. dudes from the hood love him cause he fuckin made it, he came fresh off the boat as a refugee, and people who make it out of the hood are just like refugees, its just a dope movie /w a crazy charecter who does w/e the fuck he wants to make it to the top. i don't own a scarface shirt but i wouldn't knock some1 for having one, it's a classic movie and al pachino is an amazing actor.
Yeah Yeah Yeah...the hood, the struggle, the pain...blah blah blah. Like Nas said..we all plan to get rich but is all about how we execute it.

I never said anything about the movie nor paccino. It is a great *movie* and paccino is one of my Fav's of all time but im afraid that those T-shirts are not showing that. They are showing a man with a machine gun and no matter how great u wanna put it about all the crazy shit he did to get to the *TOP* is not a good exsample for the young youth.

Sorry if i went out of this thread topic.
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