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Originally Posted by Dirty Knowledge
Yes it is. Hip Hop is American, anyone else is copying. UK heard Wu-Tang and started spitting knowledge but it just didn't sound right. Canada rap is like Sum 41 turned Hip Hop so they whack. If it's not American, sorry... but your hip hop is trash.
maple syrup is mostly canadian, so if you ever put that shit on your pancakes you can go fuck yourself.

"canadian rap is super influenced by USA hip hop so its wack. We want to hear something original not our hip hop by canadians :I"
your Location: USA USA USA. so how the FUCK do you know SHIT about canadian rap? if you do know SOMETHING, include that in your post.

do you people see how idiotic your argument is? you're saying people who don't live in america don't have a right to make "your" music, or if not that, then their music automatically sucks. that's nazi type thinking right there, if ANY country every makes anything influential, obviously others are going to follow, and some do even better. some people might say the Xbox 360 is better than PlayStation 3, but with your thinking you'd be like, Consoles are only Japanese, anyone else therefore sucks.

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