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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

Originally Posted by AcidPhosphate69
that was nasty. some of the better verses i've read here. i'm just asking for a little clarification on leaving me without a needle. i feel like i should get it, but honestly...i've been smoking the reefer.
i meant your text in this tread was pointless... no disrespect but, obey and ben ripped your shit. its all love thou peace and 1.
"ya'll niggas can't be serious, i was nice before ice, before christ, before the the words let there be light, and the light took over the night, i was born wit the mic, lord of the mic before all plant and animal life, took this rap shit to new heights before the wright brothers took flight, before dogfightin' and aerial strikes, before mc's picked up pens and started to write" - Canibus
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