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Default Re: Top 5 Hip Hop Groups

Wu-Tang Clan ------ (Obviously!!!)
The Beatnuts ------- (I can't believe nobody even mentioned them!!)
Mobb Deep ---------- (Super grimey gangsta but I fukz wit it.)
Jurassic 5 ------------ (These cats iz nice for really real!)
EPMD ----------------- (C'mon, need I say why?)

Other notable mentions are… Juice Crew, Dilated Peoples, Punchline & Wordsworth, North Star, Black Star, Tribe Called Quest, Onyx, Cypress Hill, Run DMC, Outkast, De La Soul, etc.

I also didn't count Eric B. & Rakim, Gang Starr, etc. ish like that, because it's pretty much one person rhyming on every joint.

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