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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

fuck this kid named krapass droppin lame weapons at the end of his verses//
take ya out at close proximity, ya body leave in pieces, carried by separate hearses//
send ya to ya afterlife,hell or heaven via my deadly Nike sneakers//
cut ya all ova countless times as if they broken glass beakers//
damn kid, the way i kick ya shit aside like they nuthin is ta be rekoned with//
cut them to pieces kid, ya a joke of a rap jedi im a evil lord Sith//
god save ya ass if ya went to war with me,ya be meetin with ya destiny//
if ya onli needed one fuckin wish ta preserve ya life,god wont grant it even if he ur genie//
so sit back,relax,watch helplessly as i run roughshod over ya desperate corny crap lines//
ya rappin so unnatural,flows with the flexibility of concrete,damn kid i think ur reading rap guidelines//

Use a clit ring
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