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Originally Posted by b1ack fact10n
ma lines are 100x heavier than u are on a fuckin weight scale//
ya cant rhyme to pass rap test,ma rhymes got ya incest,ya gonna fail//
like monopoly, dont collect ur dough,go right staight to jail//
aint a single soul gonna bother to get ur ass out on bail//
cause to us, u aint worth the effort to set free from the stinkin joint//
so we rape ur 'legitimate' ass while ya in the cage to prove our point//
dun even botha to reply to this thread,ya bein fuckin violently thrashed//
ur deliberate offence has just been officially smashed, leavin ya brain gashed//
u couldnt out wiegh my punches if u got breast reduction/
your rhymes suck, i didnt do shit, u just gave yourself liposuction/
feel the reprocution, of your destruction, im calm/
i greet my foes with nucular arms, u cant disarm, so sound the alarm/
your lust for the number 1, im the matrix surround in 0's, leave u ina trance/
i bet u will like if i zipped down my pants (010), dont take a glance/
snap backs, snatch your spinal and detach, your battlin Intellekt, u cant be reatached/
you lack what i have, the ability to smack the fuck out of you with my mind/
articulate agility, spit my shit and shine, while your thoughts lose track/
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