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Default Re: (((((((((((((((((g.o.d))))))))))))))))))))

Your soundclick beats are finally working for me. I've listened to some of your beats and the first thing I noticed is that the sound quality is better on the soundclick site.

Angel of darkness: Nice strings and piano that work together very well. The vocal sample is great too. Great variety in the track. Good stuff!

Vengeance: Good dialogue on the intro, sets the mood for the track. Good drums! Again a good combination of a piano sample with strings (did you play them live? or is it a sample?). Dope beat!

The truth: Nice vocal sample. I like the drums, but the hi-hats sound a bit to hard and sharp for my ears. Great vibe on this track. Good work!

Insanity: I like the chopped up flute sample on this one. The drums fit the track quite good. It could use a switch up here and there, but the beat is decent as it is.

Aurora: Again I like the vocal sample in the beginning. The beat kicks in like crazy! Hard hitting and nice and crisp. The electric guitar sound works quite well too. Good beat, but it might be a little bit to 'cluttered' for some rappers to flow over, but then again, I could see ghost dropping a verse on this.

Again good work! I didn't check all your beats, but what I've heard sounded pretty nice! Keep it up!
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