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Default Re: Yo, This has to be the suckiest year of hiphop.

Yo hiphop is on bubble gum. I want hiphop to be on Crack like back in the days. I mean literally. Like when ODB smoked crack, when ro-base was snorting coke, when red and meth were dropping LSD, when everyone in the clan was dusted on powder, when smoking a Geek(weed laced with crack) was glorified by Meth. I am going to educate you guys on this board. you know what TICAL means, it is backward for LAC-IT. lace it with crack or coke. yo that was true gangster years.

"I'm not out for dead presidents
I'm out for presidents to be dead
I know that has never been said
so I'm going to set a precedent."
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