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Default Re: The Diss ur opponent thread

Originally Posted by RockD
Black faction i slap u like the reaction of quick trigger puller
yo is an amature i'm a 1st rate shoota
u only sniff cuta u never fucked u stay lickin
on this mike i'm the only mc thats rippin
what u sippin is that dumb shit thinkin u can defeat me
the kid Phenom the Upcomin legend RockD
what i see is that i must smash and harras this bum
but dont get bent outa shape u the one that said fo fun
now green gimme the gun so i can get to blastin this chump
and like DMX said this battle turns into a hunt
smokin this nigga like a blunt, fuck protectin ya neck
now protect ya whole crew cause i'm also aimin for ya set
I bet they can never see me on a mic
so i'll end this with a farewell and sleep tight
Im the master of this thread,u dare to fuckin diss me?
u can onli weakly slap me, u fucked up by palsy
ya couldnt shoot ya own dick at close range with a snipe scope
ya wouldnt even noe how to pull the trigga,ya ass is dope
ya can only rip off ya own condom wrappers
ya cant fuckin rhyme a line like us experienced battlers
of course i can defeat u, u a lame pussy
u rhyme like a fuckin outback aussy
what does RockD mean?is it Rocked?
cmere bitch,ma pistol's been cocked
i hand u the gun,fuckin snatch it and send ya to hell wit it
fuckin cant defend urself like a mental retard half-wit
Whus DMX? what?he a brand of shitty fax?
fuckin knock on ur head with a pair of knickknacks
ya couldnt aim at any range with any proficiency
ma niggaz gonna be violatin ur 'decency'
u gonna be experiencin an outrage of 'modesty'
fuckin bend ova kid,we fuckin mob royalty
u wouldnt noe a mic from a dick even if i hand ya one
onli sleep u gettin wil be the sleep of death, son
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