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Default Re: who thinks dmx is going to make a comeback!

hey if the music is good, the comeback will occur. The problem with all the old school rappers that flop is because the music is not good. example "The prequel" why did Meth ruin his brand by releasing that garbage. Now he is making an album with Rza, but he lost fans with that bullshit Prequel and Tical 2000 was average at best. I will admit, I was disapointed with tical 2000. Another rapper who has ruined his brand is Raekwon. His shit went from one of the greatest album of all time-OBFCL, to pure dog shit-Immobilarity- to Par with lex diamond. Yo these rappers do it to themselves. I dont get it. If I was a rapper I would listen to the CD for 2 weeks before thinking of releasing it and fix all the problems with the album, but no they release the album and then cry when they were platnum and now they cooper.
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