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just to keep the boxing spirit alive,just over 24 hours ago, the biggest paid boxing fight in australian history occured, i was at the local club and watched it. to put it in perspective for non australians, this fight has been hyped for 4 years. a loud mouth who wants to be a 50cent/muhammad ali former rugby league player who could never make it and has fought 25 odd fights, with the majority of fighters over 35, including a title defense against a 40 year japanese dude, anthony mundine vs the typical aussie bloke who got fuckin jiffed against markus beyer, danny green. mundine was always gonna win, hes too fit, green is an out and out slugger, plus when green first challenged him all those years ago, green was in his prime and mundine knew hed get smashed, they hyped this fight for 4 years and got over $5m for it!! it was, at best, 6.5/10 for me.

heres the report

Round one
Danny Green started the more aggressive and controlled the tempo of the opening stanza, landing the first telling blows. Both fighters were warned by referee Terry O'Connor for holding, and when the action resumed Green continued to out-work Anthony Mundine, who was content to soak up the early assault and counter off the ropes.

Round two
The fighters resumed their pattern but Mundine was more active, throwing more punches off the ropes. Mundine managed to avoid Green's right hand and landed some shots of his own.

Round three
Mundine started to look more comfortable. Green landed a right hand but Mundine seized the initiative by responding as he pinned Green on the ropes. Green started going to Mundine's body, sailing dangerously close to slipping below the belt.

Mundine's jab was starting to find its range and his confidence continued to grow, at one point he cheekily poked his tongue out at his opponent. Green charged Mundine on the ropes and caught a right hand for his effort.

Round four
Mundine's jab was regularly finding its range as Green continued his tactic of going to the body. Mundine landed the heaviest blow of the round when he threw a combination, the left uppercut wide of the mark but the right hand catching Green as he avoided the first shot. Green was beginning to bleed from the nose and swell around the eyes.

Round five
The former rugby league star opened with a sharp right hand and finished the same way, catching Green with a straight right, which stopped the West Australian in his tracks. Mundine's jab continued to tag Green, whose work rate lagged.

Round six
Started slowly but finished with the best exchange of the fight as both traded punches on the ropes. Green started the round outworking Mundine before being caught with a heavy body shot and a sharp right hand that appeared to stagger him.

Mundine landed the bigger punches in the latter stages of the round and again Green looked shaken.

Round seven
Another round in which Mundine dictated the pace and tempo. Mundine opened the round with another right hand, Green rallied but was unable to find a way through his opponent's defence. O'Connor was forced to stop the action midway through when Mundine lost his footing on the slippery canvas.
When action resumed, Green trapped Mundine in the corner and forced him out of the ring by leaning on him. O'Connor cleaned Mundine's gloves. Green then landed his best shot of the fight, a right hand.

Round eight
Mundine started like he meant business, combining a sharp left uppercut with a right hand that had Green on the back foot. Mundine's jab sent sweat flying off Green's head and his looping rights were beginning to find their way around Green's defence.

Round nine
Green started looking for one big shot but it was Mundine who controlled the round with his right hand continuing to find its range. Green landed the occasional heavy punch to Mundine's body but Mundine threw more punches.

O'Connor was forced to warn Green for a low blow towards the end of the round.

Round 10
Mundine continued to make Green pay for his missed shots, and the man with the mohawk was starting to look fatigued. Green was on the receiving end of several heavy rights. Towards the end of the round Mundine raised the ire of the crowd by throwing a pair of punches at Green as O'Connor separated the fighters.

Round 11
Green needed a knockout but Mundine clearly had his measure. Mundine followed an uppercut with a smart left hand as Green continued to show signs of fatigue. Green managed to catch Mundine with a right hand as the latter moved along the ropes. But Mundine was in control and his right hand found a home on Green's chin. Mundine landed a massive right hand on the bell.

Round 12
Mundine finished the fight as he started it - in total control. He threatened to finish the contest with a knockout when he stunned Green with a vicious combination - an uppercut and a straight right - early in the round. Green was looking for one punch to end it but he was constantly beaten to the punch. Mundine continued to clown, and he poked his tongue out at the crowd. As the bell rang, the pair embraced.,00.html
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