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Originally Posted by brown_dogg
Apparently the Paul Wall album has pretty solid beats. A lot of ppl like to bump it in their rides. He's not a great rapper at all, but the production is good.

The new T.I. album is garbage. I used to enjoy listening to T.I., but after hearing his new album I'd rather not listen to him anymore. There's maybe three or four bangers, and the rest is garbage.

I agree with what you said about the Bun B album. Althought it did have more bangers than the T.I. in my opinion, there's still too much shit on it.

And I checked out the Lil Wayne album, but I'm not feeling it at all. The beats don't fit his style too well, so it sounds like shit.

And well Luda is southern too, but Red Light District wasn't too great either.
Ya I dl'ed the new TI from all the hype.....I always thought TI had some dope singles, and kind of a smooth flow.....but KING like most rap albums today have alot of I think its not that great of an album..... far as LUDA, I dont really consider him in this post casue he's been around for a while....I just wanted some info on these new cats, that are alll over the charts and TV
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