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Originally Posted by Mark
Yeah, this cd is just one of the best cd's that dropped after Supreme Clientele. Nobody fucks with this. I love 9th Prince for this cd. Perfect grimey beats, dope guest mc's, kung fu samples. Too bad it's so damn short.
Yeah, the shortness is my only real complaint and throwing on a track that was already released but when this first dropped i ordered it online and my first reaction was like, "This is what the new Wu shit should sound like!". You had shit like The Movement coming out and the Wu experiementing with different sounds and going more comercial but this was the sound i wanted to hear. Great album, i haven't bumped it in a minute so i'm gonna dig it back up but i loved it from start to finish, nuthin' but bangers.

The Writer should have been included though and i was lookin' forward to another 9th Prince album that never dropped.
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