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just adding on:

MC Ren - The best member in NWA, no doubt. Killed Ice Cube lyrically.

The D.O.C. - Top 3 best MC ever. No doubt, at all. He was the only lyricist on the west at that time, which was rapping about the same things as east coast lyricists. Just insane on the mic, crazy flow, and dope, dope voice.

La The Darkman - Insane, Insane flow, so calm and chilled out..

Timbo King (especially when he's rhyming aggressively) - "at 27-years
young, y'all some old timers, I write with invincible ink, y'all use eyeliners" if you add that to that killer flow and aggressive approach to the mic, you'll have a MC sounding very great on thee mic..

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