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Default Re: who thinks dmx is going to make a comeback!

I think all these mainstream cats like DMX, Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, Meth, Busta Rhymes, etc… They need to step up and storm the industry with something RAW! Fuck catering to the radio for singles, one after another they need to drop something dark, grimey, n lyrical… We know they can do it, they have the potential, they need to come together n devise a plan for bringing Rap back to where it belongs. If they don’t come together and build soon I’m afraid Hip-Hop will die in the next decade or so… Hip-Hop’s already wounded pretty bad and hospitalized, don’t let these cliché, stereotypically simple minded, materialistic, incoherent babblers pull the plug on what is rightfully ours! They already have a foot in the door, if they really love the culture then they should try their hardest to open the doors for the next generation!!!

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