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Originally Posted by oldie
kk fair enough i was wrong is sayin that lobe songs an songs about women arent true hip-hop. but i meant true to its original form, that rap was all about fuckin battle rhymin n shit, how u can get at sum 1 n shit not about how much you liked this woman walking by or how you woman is your queen n shit.
fair enuf ya can get on the mic and rhyme all this queen shit but id rather hear a harder track like 3 Bricks, where the rapper is concentratin on how to up they bars n shit.

now you get me?
we all would most likely rather hear a harder themed rap song from our favorite doubt bout that
but by sayin love songs aint keepin to the TRUE form of hiphop has to be one of the most ignorant statments ive ever read
ive said it once and i'll say it again....there aint a law written in stone that states MC'ing is all about battles and actin' hard
unless u have tapes where the Sugarhill Gang was pitted against Busy Bee in an epic "hiphop" battle

c'mon man get real now...MC'ing aint about one certain subject matter...its like sayin if an action flick has a marriage in it then it shying away from the genre's formula
MC'ing is a way of expressing lyrics....just like any music form is.....dont generalize a music form based on ur preference dude....its jus gonna make u look dead ass stupid

im an MC myself...i like to spit bout a buncha subjects...politics, corruption, etc....but one of my strongest rhymes deals with love....cuz its sumthin i feel ive have a firm grasp on during my life and still do....that aint make me gay or not shying away from hiphop jus spittin what i believe

and u 19 dude....wisen up yo
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