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Default Re: The official kill the guy above you thread

I eagle'd you from afar... postin' like Tim Dunc/
you never saw this comin'... you 'button-up' punk.

You got at me in your rhymes... didn't think I would touch ya?/
you want beef?... then call me the Magnificent Butcher.

Your Optimos smoulderin'/ "oh no, whats he holdin'"/
behind my back you peep it... gleamin' like the golden...
Arms?... No, its too big for a gat/ forget that/
it'll have you rollin' down the hill tho'... is your name Jack?

Rewind... I'm in the crib thinkin', whats my weapon of choice?/
maybe strap you with the C4... you goin' BOOM like Royce.

I could use the knifes, corkscrews, pots & pans in the kitchen/
but no, call the Gravediggaz... coz their inventories missin'/
shinin' like a prism... "honey dipped" in the chrome/
The W emblazoned shovel Barney Rubbles your dome.


Next Weapon: a Bible
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