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Default Re: 3 brand new Pi-Pol Beats

Let's stay together-Very nice chops,the drums fit perfectly with the sample.I like how you filtered the bass and put the guitar hits over the snare at around 1 min.Great atmosphere.
All The frequency filtering in this track was excellent as well.

Relax sexion-Extremely well done on this beat,I can tell you have your chopping skills honed to a sharp edge.
All the elements blended together niceley,so it sounded like an original rn'b track but still hip-hop, if you know what i mean.

Celeb-dope string melody,almost a little bit disco-ish sounding.Everything in the track was cool,but i wasn't totally feeling the drums, because they kind of drowned out the way it was cut up.(there i go about the chopping again..)

Overall i think you have a very unique style of production and a consistant sound,Which is a very good thing in my books, because alot of cats just don't have thier own style anymore.Keep it up man.
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