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Default Tell how you really feel about these "mainstream" artists...

50 Cent/G-Unit
Kanye West

These cats seem to get the most hate on this site, so tell the way you feel about these people, and give some valid reasons for your hate or respect.

50 Cent - Never was really a fan I would say, I thought he was a cool rapper back in 99, had some hot stuff like 'How To Rob' and "Who I Rep Wit" feat. Nas & Bravehearts, but never was a dude I saw as being special. First album had some bangers, I appreciated him destroying Ja-Rule and taking him off the scene...then started gettin annoying with beefin wit EVERYBODY and making the same popcorn music that he criticized Ja for. Has a good ear for beats, but G-Unit is wack and I'm ready for them to be gone. Game was the best in the camp

Dipset - Cam was cool and had above average skills, first album was blah, SDE was dope, his best album. Started rapping stupid and brought in his crew to rap stupid as well. No one in Dipset should ever call themselves an mc, But they do make some entertaining music here and there with a nice amount of bangers, and Cam can still bring it if he tried...but it's not too often now.

Jay-Z - Top 10 all-time PERIOD. Past few years his material aint been on the lyrical level of his early work, alot of club songs, but he was doin the street rhymes and hustling to blow up from early 90's thru 98 so let him have fun now.
Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint are classics
Vol 1, Vol 2, Black Album - Dope
Vol 3, Dynasty, - so so
Blueprint 2 - butt

Kanye - an arrogant jerk, SURE. But an elite producer plain and simple. He's an aight rapper I think wit some funny lines here n there, but unless he spittin on one of his own beats...stay silent,

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