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Default Re: Give Me Pity!

Damn, That's a mighty mighty shotgun blast to the left gonad..
Seen him in Brum about a month back.
One of the few people that can still hold a true Hip Hop performance down.
One of the old school elite, still burns 95% of the industry.
I feel for your loss man.
''.......Unknowingly imprisoned, in uniforms crafted precision, 1 dub Gov' for short, master planned in covert courts, project poor, prepare for wipeout, ironically wiped out & carked in cauc white outs, the fights out, Phoenix flames to pour the light out, the sun will eventually burn out, A giant urn, with pearled gates, waiting to break, How long can it take? Our destruction is fate.......''
( Con[S]cience ) 2005...
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