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Default Re: DVD Downloading Site? might take a while depending how many seeds (people) have the torrent and are seeding it (giveing you portions of the file(s)) to you, cause it can be slow, or it can be fast

but a movie size usually what ive experienced is around 700MB - 2GB,

Killobyte (KB) - 1,000 Bytes
Megabyte (MB) - 1,000 Killobytes
Gigabyte - 1,000 Megabytes... lol

gigabyets are huge, so your average speed for any torrent should be are 15 Kb/s - 30 Kb/s

but ive gotten on movies speeds up to 50 Kb/s which is pretty damn good, and for a application i got 250 Kb/s cause a lot of peopel had it, so the bits and pieces in the file(s) your donwloading are all comming from diff people to make up that one whole file(s) you downloading, and well, i wouldnt try to look for anything rare, cause u might not find it, torrents are usually consist of popular apps/movies/music/ ect..

well sence ima nice guy...i'll give you the torrent handler im using to d/l torrent files

its called Azureus (D/l It Here)
and your going to need the latest Java Runtime Enviroment to use it, go to to d/l it real quick and install it, wont take long at all, but if u got limewire, it should work cause limewire runs on Java also....

and make sure you do these things once u installed Azureus

Tools>Options>Plugins>UPnP>: then make sure everythings checked, then save it with the button on the bottom legt hand side


Tools>Optioins>Queue: then change the 3 to 0 and the 2 to 0 so u can d/l more torrents at one time.....

and there u go.....and for torrent sites...i use
or just google Torrents and u might find a site if u look hard enough

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