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50 Cent : Has been THE most influential rapper post 2000. People hate him cuz they can't take his success. Lets face it most rappers would swap places with him and most fans would want their fav rapper to be in his position.................hence all the hate. Me personally, I find his songs get boring after a few spins (if that). But he's not half as bad as people try to make out.

Cam'ron/Dipset : Boring, charismaless arrogant fools

Jay-Z : Career wise the most successful rapper ever. Again people hate him for the same reasons listed in the 50 one. Me personally, I like some of his tracks but not others. Devils is the best song he ever made and right up their with anyones catalogue.

Kanye West : About as entertaining a rapper as Camron. Arrogant fool who just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. People say he is a good producer but I don't care as beats alone won't keep me awake while driving as his rapping certainly sends me to sleep.
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