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I think 50 makes catchy music, i like his style. especially songs like "This is 50". I think he is better than people give him credit for, his flow is great, his melodic style is catchy and his verses are almost always entertaining. He has put out a lot of great songs. im not a huge fan, but i think he has tunes for everybody.

Cam'ron- i cant stand him. he is so overrated, i dont know why he thinks he is so good. he is annoying. But, he has a nice and fairly unique flow which can work well at times. I think his lyrics are below average.

Kanye- he is good but i felt that his last album was a bit overproduced and didnt feel as 'hip hop' as his first one. His lyrics are way below average most of the time, his flow is ok tho

Jay- constantly reivnenting himself, and an outstanding catalogue of work.
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