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50 Cent/G-Unit: A laughing matter. I'm sorry, but I can't take these guys seriously. 50 is a joke, so is the rest of G-Unit. (not counting Mobb Deep and MOP, although these groups, especially Mobb Deep, have dropped massively quality-wise. I don't consider myself a fan of the current Mobb Deep.)

Cam'ron/Dipset: Haven't heard enough to really judge them, but I guess it won't be my cup of tea, as I usually hate commercial, jiggy hiphop.

Jay-Z: Very overrated. I think this man gets way too much credit. I also think he's annoying as fuck, his voice just doesn't do it for me. His first album had some bangers, though.

Kanye West: First of all, lets try to ignore the fact that he's an arrogant SOB. Some of his beats are good, but he has practically raped the concept of using sped up voice samples. I seriously think I'll kill someone the next time I hear a beat being destroyed by a bunch of chipmunks singing in the background. That, combined with Kanye's gay-ass voice and flow can make any sane hiphopper go postal. A message to Kanye: "Dear Kanye West, please comparing yourself to Jesus. Most people don't like arrogant motherfuckers who kiss their own ass all the time. Also, if you would be so kind, stop rapping. Period. I respect you for some of your productions, but you just aren't talented enough to let your voice be heard through a microphone. Thank You. Sincerely, a man who doesn't want hiphop to be ruined by fake-ass copycats and mediocre mc's. Have a nice day."
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