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Originally Posted by Ghostlaced
no they dont. Only these lightweight rappers. I never heard real emcees like Kool G Rap, Ghostface, Raekwon, Nas, tonnes of rappers dont fill their shit with this.
Sorry to break the news to you kid but Cam ain't a lightweight. He's been banigin since wayyyyy back and he blew up cuz he's got one of the best styles out there. How long have you been a fan of hip-hop??? Confessions Of Fire probably dropped the same time you dropped a deuce in your diaper. Do the math all you little fruity net "real hip-hop heads" are so full of shit and most of you ruined hip-hop cuz you smash any artist who ain't better than a legend on top of downloading music rather than going to the store and coppin' it so the artist can put out more new shit to bang. I was thinkin' the other day how much the fanbase of Wu-Tang/Hip-Hop in general has grown and changed over the 13 years I been here. White People once again runied a good thing. I can say this cuz I seen it happen and I'm white on top of it
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