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Originally Posted by Sun Tzu, Tha Soul Controllah
i'm not a stan but honestly you don't even know Premo's own catalog i was pointing that out how can you say RZA hands down and you only know Premier's catalog up to 1999?
Honestly I don't check for premo's stuff like I used to. Which is why I refered to Nas is Like. However, one of the reason's i picked RZA over Premo is becuz of RZA's status between 93-97 where he was pretty much unmatched. So judgeing from that time line alone for me puts RZA above Premo IMO. Take it how you want it. And don't get me confused with some young buck who's just started listening to hip hop. I've owned Gangstarz 1st album 'No more Mr Nice Guy.' After moment of truth dropped back in 98 I kind of well out of the premo loop which is why i never checked for his shit. But that new joint i posted is bananas.
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