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Originally Posted by snapple
no....they had beef mang

This beef (allegedly) started when Nelly was offended by some of KRS's rhymes on the
tracks "Get Yourself Up" and "Hot", both from the 2001 KRS album "The Sneak Attack"
(actually, KRS allways does similar tracks, dissing the current rap industry).
Then, for some reason, he thought that he could diss KRS, and took some shots at him
on the track #1 (provoking Kris, because of BDP's classic track "I'm Still #1") from
the "Training Day Soundtrack". KRS responded indirectly with a whole (classic) verse
in a Tone-Def track, but he claims that those rhymes weren't aimed at Nelly in
particular, but to all pop-rappers in general, and that he if Nelly would continue
to front, that he had "an atomically charged, lyrically activated emcee bomb ready
for detonation". Nelly then took it to the next level by throwing some darts on the
"Roc The Mic Remix" in the "Nellyville" album writing a whole verse in which he uses
KRS's name. KRS dropped the bomb almost immediatly with the now classic battle track,
produced by Da Beatminerz, "(The Real Hiphop Is) Ova Here", from the 2002 album "The
Mix Tape". He then released a statement criticizing the whole rap industry... classic
As for Nelly? After "Ova Here", he finally saw that there's no match to an angry
lyrical monster such as KRS-One (certainly not Nelly) and accepted the loss (he lost
what he searched for...). You can still see him on MTV & BET representing the pop-rap
...and the bottom line is: NEVER BATTLE KRS-ONE!!!!
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