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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

I live a quick life,
im ready to die,
not coming with lie's,
1 life yo, im willin to try.
people have come and gone,
no worrie's, it's alright,
cause im living to fight,
like it's my last night.
If im gonna die out,
fuck it, ima ride out,
stick life to these devil's,
untill they all fuckin' cried out.
hold me down dun,
best wish's and ambition's,
to you bitch's,
fuck all you're dream's,
superspicion, to me see,
is the vision.
life is A manic depression,
viewer decression is advised,
but instead it's televised,
for the whole public's eye's.
now how fucked up is that?,
I came up and I slang'd rap,
they treated it like I slang'd crack,
So I chopped it, cooked it, then came back.
I want to scream fuck ya'll,
but I'll keep it quiet,
last time I said that,
a silent war,
instead of a silent riot.
Life is a struggle, but's it's my passion within
why go on livin to die, if you ain't livin to win?

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