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Originally Posted by Bedlam
CharlesJones, I don't think you got banned from all those forums because they didn't agree with your opinions, I think you got banned because your're a faggot. It's widely accepted that ATLiens and Aquemini are Outkast's two best albums, so you don't need to be calling people fools because they don't agree with your opinion of Southernplayalisticadillacmusik as the best album, when its obvious you're in the minority with your opinion. You can like whatever album you want, but you don't need to be faggot when people don't share your opinion. Then you come saying shit like "I ain't scared of nobody, I don't fear death." Wow, you want a fucking cookie or something? No one fucking cares . Get the fuck outta hear with that "If I saw you in real life, I'd beat your ass" shit. You're not going to see them in real life, so its irrelevant.
co fucking sign

Anyway I thought Aquemini was their best and I thought Southernplayalistic... was their secend best. All their shit is good. I'm not really into the Love Below or Speaker Boxx, but I respect them for trying something new.
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